Boarding Forms

Why we request this information on the boarding form about your dog.

This Pet Information Form contains the general information about your pet. Also if  your dog has any medical conditions , please let us know about them. The vaccination information helps us provide a healthy environment for all our guests.  This boarding form is needed if your dog will be boarding at The Dogs Day.

Heart Worm and Flea PREVENTION

Heartworm and fleas can be passed from one dog to another.   All dogs boarding at The Dogs Day need to be on preventive  medication for Heartworms and fleas.  We want all of our Guests at the Dogs Day to return home well and happy.


The Bordetella ( Kennel Cough) vaccination is similar to the flue shot for people.    While the vaccination is not 100% effective, we strive to do everything possible to prevent Kennel Cough in our kennels.   Also at The Dogs Day  the cleaning procedures are designed with Kennel Cough prevention as a major consideration.  The Boarding Area and Kennel Runs are  disinfected specificity against kennel cough during daily  cleaning.  Please request this vaccine during your normal vet visit if planning on boarding your dog.  Many vets do not always include Bordetella in the routine vaccination group.  If your dog has not been vaccinated for Bordetella, we can provide the nasal Bordetella vaccination upon arrival at The Dogs Day for Boarding.

The general enrollment forms are needed in addition to the following form for Boarding.

Note: To download the PFD form, left click the >> symbol  at the top right of the form window and select the download function from the drop down List.