Daycare Play Areas

The Dogs Day has multiple inside and outside Daycare areas for enjoyable play for all Dogs.

The daycare play rooms consists of a large play area, medium play area, small dog play area/lounge.  Also an outside playground for use when the weather is nice.

The play rooms are completely inside.  They are heated in the Winter and Air conditioned in the Summer.  The play rooms are used when the weather prohibits outside play.

Large Play Area

This area is over 500 square feet with agility play equipment, toys, and their favorite playmates.  The larger and more active dogs are invited to this area.


This room is almost as large as the large play room.  Having the second area allows us to match the temperaments of playmates.

Small Dog Play Area

This area is for the smaller dogs, but is also filled with fun and play.

Daycare while boarding your dog 

When  boarding your Dog at the Dogs Day please consider  including  Daycare  for your Dog.  Your dog will thank you for the additional play time and enjoy meeting new doggie friends during the play times.