The Dogs Day offers Dog Daycare at our location in Horn Lake.   Give your pet a treat and let them come and play at our Doggie Day Care.

Most dogs spend their days lonely and bored.  By the time you get home from your busy day, your dog has tons of pent-up energy and needs to play. Meanwhile, you need to make dinner, return phone calls, and relax with your family (dogs most assuredly included!) after a long day.

What to do?  Dog daycare is your solution. You can drop your dog off atThe Dog’s Day and let him spend the day socializing with other dogs, running around, and burning off plenty of pent-up energy.  That way, an evening in your home is relaxing for both you and your happy pooch.

What happens at daycare? In the morning until 12:00 noon, your dog will be having the best time ever in a play group that is best suited to his temperament and size.  At 12:00 pm your pup gets to curl up and relax for a nice, quiet, midday siesta.  After a rest period, it is play time again .

The Dog’s Day has four daycare rooms ranging in various sizes with styles to suit every dog.  Our rooms feature toys galore and lots of playful equipment. We have: a “romper room” for puppies and smaller dogs, a “lounge” for gentler players and dogs who just want to relax with company, a play area for medium sized playful dogs, and a play area for large/giant size playful dogs.

We have two large outside play areas, which our doggie guest enjoy when the weather is favorable for outside play.