Dog Grooming at The Dogs Day for Small to Large breed Dogs.

At The Dog’s Day, we pride ourselves on pampering your dog. Whether you are interested in just a bath or more elaborate trims and spa treatments, we offer an array of services. Our doggy salon is fully equipped to handle even the furriest of canines.  Brush outs, nail trims, anal gland expressions, you name it, we do it!  Just ask our friendly staff to schedule an appointment for your dog and pick them up later fully “poofed” and fully pampered.  Drop in Nails & Tails are always welcome!

You will find in our Groom Shoppe  a complete range of Services.  The nail trim that is include with the groom can also have added a nail polish treatment.

Our Groomers are always ready to discuss in detail your grooming wishes.

Cat Grooming is also available

When your cat needs grooming or a bath, we will be glad freshen up your pet.

You can find our grooming rates  to be very competitive,  while maintaining an excellent level of quality.