At The Dogs Day

At The Dogs Day

Bring your Dog to The Dogs Day when they cannot go to work with you .  Your Dog can play with us in our Daycare rooms and play yard.  Boarding over night is also available.  You need to be away from home and can not take your dog with you?  Bring them to the Dogs Day!   We are also here to help when maybe the house is being painted, or for other reasons,  it would best if they took a little vacation from home.  And finally, every dog needs freshening up from time to time.  Grooming with a hair cut or spa bath is offered by our experienced Groomers,  so your dog will feel fresh and happy back at home.

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Doggie Daycare

Our knowledgeable staff will  keep your dog active and involved.  What happens at The Dogs Day daycare?  We understand dogs and their need to exercise at The Dogs Day .   Destructive behaviors such as chewing, licking, digging, and/or barking can be caused by Boredom.  Play keeps a dog’s body and mind active and builds a healthier, happier, better behaving pet.  That is why your dogs stay at The Dogs Day is always rich with activities and attention.  More information on Daycare…


When your dog needs to stay overnight, we provide a comfortable bed and breakfast.  Planning to leave town,  even for a week or longer?  If you can not take your best friend with you, let your dog come stay and play with us.

Dog & Cat Grooming

Spa Treatments are available for your dog or cat.  The Spa Treatment includes a bath with blow dry, nail trim,  and anal gland expression.  Customers are offered the complete Spa all in one convenient package price.  Additionally, Pawdicures (painted dog nails), nail trims, teeth brushing, and special shampoos, for dry skin or allergies, are available separately.  Get a full, stylish cut or get a shave for those hot summer days so your dog will feel cool and comfortable.

Stop by for a Tour Any Time.   Our staff will be glad to show you our Facility.