Enrollment Forms


In order to provide quality services and to have a safe and healthy environment for your pet, we have several forms that are needed to ensure that we can meet our goal to provide the best services possible.  While these may seem detailed, the more information we have, the better able we are to provide the detailed service for you and your pet that will make your pets stay with us safe and enjoyable.  The forms on this page only needed to be filled out one time before your first stay and only updated when the information changes.  Thank you for taking the time to provide us this information.  We will explain the purpose of each form and what it allows us to do better for you in a short explanation before each form.

We provide the forms on this web site,  if you would like to fill them out before you bring your pet to The Dog’s Day or our staff will be glad to assist you with the paper work when you come in for your visit.

There is additional information requested for dogs that are here for Daycare.

There is additional information requested for dogs that are here for Boarding.

This is our General Agreement to allow us to provide services for your pet and the conditions for the services.

This is the your contact information.  This is needed in case we need to contact you while your pet in with us,  and a back up contact in case we can not reach you.  Also we appreciate your email address, as we sometimes have special offers and discounts we would like to let you know about by email.

Note: To download the PFD form, left click the  >>  symbol  at the top right of the form window and select the download function from the drop down List.