Grooming Rates

We offer Grooming, Dog Spa(Bath plus) and special grooming services.

Our groomer can provide the cut you desire for your breed of dog, customized to your desires.  The pricing for grooming your dog will need to be set after seeing your dog and discussing your special desires for a  groom adjusted just for you.

Our Dog Spa includes the Bath,  Blow drying ( if best for your dog), brush-out, anal glands and nail trim.

The prices for the Spa Treatment is by Dog size, but there may be an addition cost for especially heavy coats or other unusual conditions.

  • Small Breed ( 1-20 lb)                     $ 22.00
  • Medium Breed ( 21-50 lb)           $ 32.00
  • Large Breed ( 50- 75 lb)               $ 45.00
  • Giant Breed ( 75lb +)                        varies